Training takes place from 1830 – 1930(ish) on Monday and Wednesday nights at a variety of locations across the Portadown/Lurgan area, most usually from the car park at Kernan Cemetery.

Monday nights are usually “Town Runs” – a variety of paced groups will cover distances of approx 8km – 12km.

Wednesday nights are usually a bit faster and shorter, featuring such delights as hill sprints, interval sessions and timed 5kms.

On both nights there is also a Consolidation run – this is usually a 5km run at a slow, easy pace. This is especially beneficial for beginners, those returning from injury, those who have missed a few weeks, and generally anyone who just needs a relaxed run to get their mojo back!

If you have any ideas about sessions we could run, or if you have a particular target to train for, please don’t hesitate to talk to one of our coaches at a training night, or contact us on Facebook.