Back on the road.

As we, hopefully, head back towards normality, KRC is getting back to normal training.

All activities will be in line with Athletics NI guidelines.

We would remind runners to keep washing your hands, maintain proper social distancing (even when running), and please don’t attend training if you, or a someone close to you, has had any Covid-19 symptoms.


…..or with 1 other person not from my household.

So, Covid-19 is still keeping us all in lockdown. As a result there will be no club training until 6th March.

In the meantime please follow all the guidelines, keep your distance, wear your mask, wash your hands, and please stay safe.

Be Safe…Be Seen


Winter nights are closing in now, and we would encourage everyone to:

..Be Bright. Wear nice bright colourful clothes (fluorescent yellow is always popular). Try to avoid running dressed head to toe in black!

..Light up. Head torches and/or body torches will help you see where you’re going, and will let other road users see you.

..Dress for the weather. Check the forecast before you go out, and remember not to overdo it, you WILL warm up as you run (honest!).

Happy running.

Winter is coming!



Sounds ominous!

It’s that time of year again – temperatures are dropping and we’re training in the dark. So remember:

– if it feels chilly a few thin layers are more effective than one thick layer, and it gives you the chance to strip a couple off once you’ve warmed up (which you will!).

– LIGHTS! Let’s make sure we’re nice and visible. Wear bright, reflective clothing (garish is good!), and some sort of light/headtorch/armband so everyone can see us coming.